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This site has been created to proclaim the Word of God.

We are a body of people who regard the Bible as wholly inspired and infallible, God as a unity, and Christ as His divinely begotten son. Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone, made possible by his virgin birth, his sinless life, his crucifixion and resurrection.

We believe Jesus will return bodily from heaven to establish the kingdom of God on earth; that he will raise from the dead those who are responsible to judgment, and bestow upon the righteous everlasting life. We believe that the only hope for our troubled world rests in the second coming of Jesus.

The doctrines we accept as Truth are those founded upon Holy Scripture, which include the mortality of man, the certainty of bodily resurrection and the baptism of believing adults by complete immersion in water.

The Bible has convinced us that we can only find peace for the present and hope for the future by living our lives in subjection to God's will, according to the teaching, commandments and example of Jesus Christ.

You will find within the articles we have included on our web site references to the following subjects:

God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Christ, or to give him his Hebrew name, Yeshua the Messiah: Evidence for the Divine Authorship of The Bible, and the vital importance of the Apostle Paul's claim that it is "the Word of God which is able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith, which is in Christ Jesus." The future Kingdom of God and details from the Scriptures as to its King, its administrators, the extent of its dominion, its subjects and territory: The Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and other faithful men like Moses and David, to whom exceeding great and precious promises were made, as well as the God Inspired testimony of the Prophets and Apostles: Why we die or are mortal; the prospect of immortality; and what the Bible has to say about, heaven, hell, Satan, devil or the Diabolos, etc.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to this web site and find it profitable.

We are looking for others with whom we may share these convictions.

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