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Brethren of Christ Monthly Talks

Each month we publish a talk by a member of the Brethren of Christ Ecclesia. We also hold talks on the first Thursday of each month in London. For details on visiting our monthly meeting Click Here.


The Mystery of Armageddon Roy Staley
Corky "corked" Roy Staley
Objections of the Jews to Yeshua Considered. Roy Staley
The Colonial Office forwarding the approach of Armageddon Roy Staley
Reflections On When Things Are Going Smoothly William Franklin
What's Wrong With Carbon Dating? Roy Staley
Elihu Edmund Green
Games in Paradise Roy Staley
Reflections in times of difficulty. William Franklin
Some of the Very Good Reason Why you should Not be a Church Member Viner Hall
Is Damascus a Doomed City? Roy Staley
Logos - The Word Viner Hall

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Public Monthly Talk

The Brethren of Christ Ecclesia holds talks on the first Thursday of each month in London.  They are given at:

The Highgate Society Hall,
10a South Grove,
Highgate Village,
London, N6 6BS

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