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1. MONEY ANSWERETH ALL THINGS  (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

How  money reveals the truth of the saying by Jesus; “Having eyes, see ye not?”
Coins Illustrated

Emperor Antoninus Pius (AD 138-161) followed Hadrian (who built Hadrian‟s wall) and also built a wall in the
isthmus between Clyde and the Forth.
He issued the coins illustrated above (A), in both Rome and Britain, dedicating them to „Roma Aeterna‟ the goddess
of Rome, celebrating his rulership of the western outpost of his empire, called „Britannia‟.  
(This led to the figure of Britannia being used to represent Britain).

These coins are some of the most important ever issued, for they reveal how Christianity was led into
incorporating pagan beliefs.

Antoninus Pius was accepted as „the high priest of the Sun‟ throughout the Roman empire. A large number
of his coins have his head radiated, as per example (B), showing his devotion as the chief priest or „Pont. Max.‟ of
the Sun, on earth.
He was unique in that he believed that all the pagan gods were subservient to the Sun God, who reigned supreme.   
The sun was the source of all energy and life, and when people died their energy or „life force‟ naturally returned to
the sun.  He accepted penates (family gods) and encouraged the worship of one‟s favourite god, thus avoiding
religious conflicts.   This was a contributing factor in his peaceful reign.

The bishop of Rome was impressed with his emperors approach and desiring to implement the same, sought
permission from Antoninus Pius to implement the idea, and avoid any conflict between paganism and Christianity.
To acknowledge Antoninus Pius as the originator of this approach and get his approval, the bishop of Rome took the
title of Pope Pius, and now heads a list of 12 popes that have followed in his footsteps.

The way was now open for the  idea of old gods/penates, to be transferred to Christian „saints‟, and „life‟s energy‟ or
„spark‟ or „soul‟, to continue to go skywards.

(1)  „Roma Aerterna‟ the eternal goddess of Rome, led to Rome being called „the Eternal City‟.  
(2)  The elevation  and worship of Mary  - „Mariolatry‟, as the new goddess of Rome.
(3)  The subtle adaptations have led to many of the associated pagan beliefs to become entrenched in what is now
broadly termed  „Christendom‟.

The Britannia figure on coinsThe Britannia figure has been used on our money from 143AD even
continuing into the recent decimalisation of our coinage, until  2008
AD when Gordon Brown (the Prime Minister) decided it should be
The „Roman‟ helmet ensured that everyone could question its
origin, and that any enquiring mind had the opportunity to find the
truth of how it influenced the „development‟ of Christianity in this
country, and the wider world.

Many female personifications were used to depict Greek and
Roman goddesses, and later metamorphosed into themes such as
Virtue, Liberty, etc.  The figure of Britannia has also changed at
times, showing this, but in the reign of Charles II (1660-85AD) the
Britannia figure was copied from the coin of Antoninus Pius, and
has continued, as shown in pictures on the left.

More interesting details regarding other coins, and what they reveal, are available.
Can YOU now see a little clearer?

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